It’s World Polio Day!

This is courtesy of Global Poverty Project; please feel free to share so that we can make our world a safer place to live:
It’s october 24th , the global community shines a spotlight on this issue, reminding us all that polio is still a problem while also celebrating the incredible progress that has been achieved against this disease.
Every week it seems we are getting closer and closer to wiping out polio. Just think about everything that has happened over the past year: India and Angola both stopped the virus, Pakistan has seen a 60% reduction in cases and polio case numbers globally have dropped to record-beating lows.
Of course we should remember that even one case is one too many. Each number is a person – usually a child under five – who has been paralysed or died as a result of this disease.
And that’s why it’s important that we remind those around us that polio still exists and that there is still more to do.
In a recent survey conducted by Rotary International, 44% of respondents were completely unaware that polio remains a serious issue.


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